The most commonly used items of stationery supplies

The most commonly used items of stationery supplies

Let’s face it: we all know that stationery items have made our lives much easier than we ever thought it would be. They help in increasing people’s efficiency as well as save a tremendous amount of time. Here are some stationery items that we are honored to have for making our work more effective and decent:

Notebooks and paper

If we ask you to name one stationery item that you use almost every day, you will probably say paper! There is barely any use of any other item of stationery without the use of paper. The paper is like the base of all. A few papers when bound together make a notebook – which is the most commonly used item by students. Ancient people used leaves for drawing and writing but we today have the privilege of using paper – which comes from trees. But don’t waste paper!

Pencils, pens, and pen holders

Whenever you’re sitting at a desk, be it for work or as a student, the two things that you require the most is a pen and a pencil. If you are more organized than the others, then pen holders are an addition to all the different colors of pens and pencils you use to categorize your material on paper.

Staplers and staple pins

What mess and chaos are a bundle of papers lying around and no supply to hold them together? Here comes the most required stationery item after paper! Pinning a fold of papers together so that you don’t lose them later is done with the help of staplers as well as staple pins! But did you know that there are seven types of staplers?


Another stationery item that comes in handy is a highlighter. It is used for marking important points or lines in a piece of writing. Who does not like using a highlighter? Moreover, there are so many colors to choose from – pink, green, orange, yellow. Yellow is the most commonly sold highlighter in the world!


When we think about stationery items, we might not consider a calendar to be a part of the lot. But it is one! Calendars are found on almost every office desk. Our smartphones do have in-built calendars but they can never beat the ease of referring to a tangible one. For office usage, a simple calendar comprising of the months of the year in the English language is enough. And the best part is that they are a one-year investment!

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